Brexit - Customs clearance

Dear Partner,

We would like to inform you, that from 1 January 2021, the United Kingdom (UK) had the status of a third country from the perspective of the European Union. This means that the movement of goods and thus the dispatch of parcels between the EU and the UK will be subject to customs supervision from this date.

Customs formalities will therefore be required, but no customs duties will be levied on goods of EU origin.

Please see our information material at the link below where we describe in detail what you need to know and do if you want to send a package to the UK.

Important information can be found about the customs clearance process at the following link:

Please note that in addition to the shipping cost, we will charge a customs clearance fee for future shipments to this country in connection with the customs clearance procedure. A new customs clearance category has been introduced for low-value packages under GBP 135, with a net fee of HUF 4,600 (net EUR 13).

The cost is per address and will be invoiced in the currency agreed in the contract. For all consignments of higher value, the current export customs clearance fee must be paid, which is currently HUF 9,550 + VAT

If you need any further information, or if you have questions please contact the GLS shipping company colleagues at customer service.

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